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Defend Yourself When the Lawn Warriors Strike (and They Will)

The New “Gravity Falls” Show by Disney Features a Gnome Barfing Rainbows (WTF?)

I’m not sure about this one. It’s tough to tell as of right now whether the show “Gravity Kills” is pro- or anti-gnome. (But let’s face it. We can’t trust Disney after they release that awful whitewash of a film called GNOMEO & JULIET.) I happened to walk by a TV when a trailer for the new TV show “Gravity Kills” was on, and there was nothing much notable until they showed a clear image of a gnome puking a rainbow with all his might.

Now let’s be clear here. Gnomes do not puke rainbows. In fact, there is no evidence they puke at all. This sounds like more Disney mischief to get us to like gnomes.

Gnomes do not puke rainbows.

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